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Air Fryer Large Capacity 6L 8L Intelligent Electric Fryer

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Product information:

Introducing the Air Fryer Large Capacity 6L 8L Intelligent Electric Fryer. With its generous large capacity, cooking for the whole family has never been easier.

Key Features:
1. Featuring a heating method that combines electric heating pipe and hot air convection, this air fryer oven ensures efficient and even cooking every time. Worried about safety? Fear not, as it comes with a built-in safety function that automatically powers off when needed.
2. Designed with convenience in mind, this electric fryer boasts a body material of durable plastic and stainless steel, ensuring longevity and ease of cleaning. Its compact product size of 329 * 329 * 308 mm makes it suitable for any kitchen countertop.
3. Whether you're cooking for a small gathering or a family dinner, this large capacity air fryer oven can accommodate up to 4-5 servings. Choose from a variety of colors including white, blue, black, and light green to match your kitchen decor.
4. Crafted with quality in mind, this air fryer oven is made from premium materials including PP and stainless steel. It's classified as an air fryer and boasts a power rating of 1400W, ensuring fast and efficient cooking every time.

Upgrade your cooking experience with the Air Fryer Large Capacity 6L 8L Intelligent Electric Fryer, the perfect choice for those seeking a versatile and reliable air fryer oven with large capacity.


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